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Individual Course Offerings

Customer Service- The best way to get people to return to your store is to provide great customer service. Providing exceptional service and advice that customers can trust is imperative to increasing sales.This course is designed to help everyone involved in the retail business become the best sales people that they can be.


Management - There is a difference between management and leadership, know the difference, be the difference. Not only will this training help you with hiring and maintaining staff, but will also offer tips to build stronger customer relationships.   Following this training will help you to create a fully engaged business with endless benefits.


Merchandising - Proper merchandising is so much more than simply making sure that the product looks nice. It needs to be on the right shelf, in the right area, at the right amount of stock, at the right time. This training offers helpful tips and ideas to understand the use of merchandising and the reasons behind these tactics. 

Promotions- What sets you apart from the competition? Promotion is a key component in demonstrating to customers the benefits of your product or services. Well-designed marketing and promotional strategies ensure long-term success, while also bringing in more customers and increasing profitability for your business.

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